• Assembly Powerpoints that really engage young people.
    "A superb assembly resource.
    Exactly what a busy teacher needs."

    Dean Martin, Pupil Achievement leader.
    Kirkburton Middle School.
  • Interactive and easy to use
    "I think you are wonderful! The amount of time and effort this saves me is fantastic."
    Debbie Payne Rhydygors School, Carmarthen.
  • Louise Poole, Chailey School, Sussex
    "Just used your assembly with YR 11 after mock exams and it really captured their attention"
    Adaptable - you can add
    and delete slides
  • "I have found it a very effective resource. The majority of our children have English as an Additional language, so the vast number of visuals and high quality graphics enabled them to learn effectively."
    Emma Smart, Maybury Primary School. Woking
    Quality Slides - not death by bullet point!

Looking for tomorrows school
assembly ideas?

Each Impact Assembly is a set of about 20 quality powerpoint slides and easy to use notes. You can try a free sample assembly powerpoint for either Primary or Secondary schools right now. It's based around resilience and mindset or learning, and will help you inform and entertain your pupils. We are positive your school will find it worthwhile.

Download free assembly over here.

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