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Assembly Idea - What does it take to be Will Smith?

Hard work or talent?


Young people might think that you have to be born with the 'brains' or the talent to get on at school or in life. This assembly idea shows them that hard work is more important than talent. Use video clip below to show Will Smith talking about what has made him successful.

-He thinks he has only slightly above average talent.
-He attributes his success to hard work.
-He is happy at what he does.
-He has made mistakes and is a learner.
-His father that taught him that he could have a go and succeed – but he had to make a start.

You can stop the clip and the pupils can tell you what it takes to be Will Smith – hard work, starting things, learning, making mistakes and finding things that make you happy.

Apparently it takes 10 000 hours of practice to become ‘world class’ at something. In the Impact Assembly pack, one of the 20 assemblies is about Mindset. Pupils can see that the world leaders in music, sport, ICT and business have put in these hours. Easy if you have found the thing you love, but we aren’t not asking the students to do 10,000 hours of GCSE Maths and become the next Einstein, unless they want to. But they should look for the things that they can spend 10 000 hours practicing.

PS – the video ‘stops’ for a few seconds in a couple of places, but starts again. I just wanted to let you know to avoid those heart sinking, “oh my god I hate I.T, why me, why now!” moments.

Hope you and your students enjoy using the clip.

The video clip is below.