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Denney Education think that it's really important you know how the website works with your data. You can find out more on this page.

We use website visitors information -

·         To see how people use our website and buy our products

·         To send occassional emails about what we have to offer.

Denney Education never give your information to third parties. We may keep your personal information - that is your name and email address.


When you visit our website we use third-party services like Google Analytics and Squarespace, to gather some information about your visit. This is anonymous and helps us to improve how the website works for users.

Sign Up

When you sign up  to download an assembly and to be kept up to date with what we do,  we keep that information so we can tell you what's new and also check that you're happy with us. We don't share our mailing lists.

Your information

You are entitled to see, change or delete your information. If you have any questions please email inspiration@assembly-ideas.com


We use cookies to help understand how people use the website and show us how we can improve it  but we give you the option to set the collection of them to off. his is not personal information it's anonymous and doesn't mean we can can access to. Cookies help us to understand how people interactwith our site and we can make improvements based on that information. In no way does this access information on your computer or phone.